2020: A Year in Review

Man it was quite the year, but we made it fam!

Winter ❄️

We started off the year in Austin for New Years 🎉

January and February were pretty busy for us! Jesse was traveling. And I was working for Deloitte. During the weekends, we got out and explored Austin. In February, we celebrated my new job at IBM on the Security Services Team!

In March, Alan (Jesse's 14 year old brother) came up for Spring Break. And then like the rest of the world, we shifted most of our activities to our house! It lasted for a couple of weeks until Jesse got real busy at work and started to travel a lot. (In theory, Jesse works from home too. In practice this year, he works in about 200 different hotel rooms).

Spring 🌷

April & May were boring, but Alan and I enjoyed hanging at home and seeing Jesse on the weekends - or when he'd randomly show up! haha.

In June, I drove to Utah with Savannah and we remodeled the Utah house! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Thank you to all who helped! Jesse was still on the road. At the end of June, I got back down to Austin and Alan came back up from Houston. Since I was still working from home, and so it worked out perfectly.

Summer ☀️

July and August were run-of-the-mill months. Alan learned to cook – he makes a mean pancake and an amazing lemon pepper chicken. Jesse and I decided we wanted to make Austin official, so we started to build our soon-to-be home! 🏡

Fall 🍂

September was blue, and start of October too. Life quickly picked up and we ended the month celebrating Jesse's birthday – next year is the big 3-0!

November has been equally busy, and somehow boring. But I turned 24! 🎉 Despite our age, Alan still thinks we're both boomers. It might have to do with our bedtime. How does one explain that we were 14 not all that long ago?! This last week we've been de-cluttering and preparing for the move 📦📦📦

We close on our new home on 11/30 and can't wait to move in 🔑. We are so excited! Jesse's favorite part of the house is the back patio & media room. Mine is the window nook & built-in sprinkler system. Alan is excited for his massive bedroom window view! Can we close yet?!

Favorites for the year

  • Restuarant: Pho Phung Luu
  • Work trip (hopefully soon vacation place): Florida's beach
  • Family activity: Late-night-"one-more-game" Among Us
  • Place: Home ❤️

We are so grateful 🙏

2020 has been a ride. We're excited that Jesse's home-ish for the rest of the year! We're excited for in-person school 🤞🏻 And we're grateful for our family, our friends, our jobs, and our home. ❤️

Let's make 2021 a good one, yah?