2021: The year of the boat

Boatin' from April - November

tl;dr; We've had a great growth year, and spent most of it on the Lake!

Winter ❄️

We started the year off in our new home, and worked to get everything settled.

In mid-February, we survived snowmageddon. None of us had checked the weather going into that weekend, and we were completely out of groceries because we'd just gotten home from a trip. Luckily, we were able to jump in the truck and get some food for ourselves and the neighbors.

We never lost power or water (we're so grateful!), but our water pressure was down. Most of our neighborhood was without either power or water.

The next week we found out we were pregnant, and immediately started up with the doctors visits to help the pregnancy along!

Spring 🌷

In March, Jesse and I snuck down to San Antonio for a work trip, and then we spent Spring break in Nashville. We did what we do best and ate our way through the city.

In early April, we found out that the baby had triplody, and that I had miscarried. For the second time, we were 8 weeks and 2 days along, exactly. Jesse was out of town when we found out, so I spent the day with a friend. My mom was able to fly in almost immediately which was amazing. She helped take care of Alan, while I could recover from the D+C.

As the weather warmed up, we pulled out the boat and just spent the entire summer on it.

Summer ☀️

Jesse and I have both loved being in the water since we were kids. And while Alan took lots of time to come around, and still is unsure of boating, we spent the large part of the summer on Lake Travis. We worked hard, played hard this summer.

Jesse and I learned how to wake surf from Ricky (my foreign exchange student brother), and that forever changed how we boat.

In June, Alan and I went to Sweden for two weeks with my family. It was so fun to see my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and all the cousins.

We were back in time for the Fourth of July, and had all the Stevens + co over. I also went up to the Waco Zoo and celebrated a close friend's daughter's birthday. It's such a great zoo, with so many things to do.

And in August, Erik came down to visit. We hit up all the fun teenage things to do in Austin -- the waterpark, batting cages, escape rooms and watched a couple of movies.

Fall 🍂

During the fall, I made a quick trip up to Utah. And then we spent the rest of the time exploring Austin. We went to Karoke, DipDip and more boat.

For our birthdays, Jesse and I convinced my mom to come stay with Alan so we could go to Paris! It was a trip of a life time. Jesse (and I) got to see PSG play (Messi?!) and we ate our way through the city. I will never forget the GF pizza at Little Nonna.

We are going to round out the year with a trip to Utah to celebrate Christmas with my family, and be back in time for an Austin New Year!

Favorites for the year

  • Restuarant: La Carne + Little Nonna
  • Favorite trip: Paris
  • Family activity: Boating
  • Place: Lake Travis

We are so grateful 🙏

2021 was a year of growth. We're so grateful for the things we learned and for the people and places that were part of our lives. Here we come 2022 🎉