2022: What a year

We added a member!

tl;dr; We've had a great year. In a 2023 upset, Jesse was home most of the year, and Emilie gone! This fall Axel joined the family, and we've just been in baby heaven. Jesse's almost a (private) pilot.

Winter ❄️

For Christmas 2021 we went up to Utah with all the Knechts (my family!) – it'd been a minute since we were all in the same placed, and then we came home to Austin for New Years 🎉

Jesse and Alan did a great fireworks show, and the neighborhood boys all joined in! SO MUCH FUN.

January and February consisted of weekly doctors visits to ensure lill' Axel was growing just right. Alan hung out with friends, and Jesse was home for a change!

On Feb 2nd, we found out we were having a little boy and that he was healthy! We were so excited to pass this milestone!

Mid-Feb we out that there's the feeder team to Dallas' Stars down the road, so we also went to a game with the MarStevens fam -- where we met the soon to be newest in-law!

In late February, I traveled first to Dallas on a girls trip to explore the concrete jungle. Jesse and Alan had a blast doing what they do best, aka shenanigans!

As a fam, we also dedicated time to finding the best tacos in Austin, and spent many a days doing taco tastings. We have favorite spots next time you are in town!

Spring 🌷

In March, Jesse and I went to Miami + NYC for a parent's spring break while Alan hung around (his choice!). Miami has some of the best tacos, arapas and GF churros. We love to go! It was there that Jesse had cricket tacos – eew! I clearly passed on the opportunity ;) We also ate our way through NYC and enjoyed the pace and sense of normalcy. I also managed to score a Pigall from the Swedish BonBon shop!

I spent a week in April in Vancouver, CA with a Savannah (a close friend) for work, while Jesse and Alan kept hanging out at home (more shenangians!). Alan got a good friend group and they started to do things more regularly.

In April, we also had some good friends come visit which brought us down to Lake Travis! At the end of April, I flew to Utah for a babyshower (thanks Jojo + Mom!). It again was just so good to see people ❤️

First week in May, I finally did tourist-y things in Houston (after 6 years!) with my friend Ali. And then the Martinez crew celebrated little Axel (thank you Martiza, Nelsy + Mami!).

Alan got his drivers license – just before summer break! And in time for Jesse and I to leave him in Austin during our anniversary trip. He's still alive! :D

Rounding out the spring travel, Jojo (my little sister) and I visited Hans (older brother) and Tressa out in Virgina and baked our hearts out. So much sugar.

Summer ☀️

During the summer, we were a bit trapped by the travel radius for the hospital. We'd spend our spare time nesting or on the boat. Many lazy days where we just were.

Jesse had a couple of friends come visit before his big surgery, which was so fun! We're so grateful for all those who come visit.

In early August, Axel joined the family after an incredibly stressful week. He turned our whole life upside down, and we're so glad he did!

Fall 🍂

Jesse finally got his knee surgery in late August (he injured it in Nov 2021), which put him in a wheel chair/crutches for a while. We are so grateful for those who came to meet little Axel and help with the transitions (and being Jesse's legs!). It was almost 3 months of non-stop help, so HUGE thank you!

At the tail end of all the visitors, we had the chance to bless and give Axel a name with our family and friends in Austin. It was such a sweet experience, and we're grateful for all those who made it!

Jesse and I celebrated our birthdays a bit differently this year, traveling to Houston and then to Dallas to keep it local, but had tons of fun making lego people and eating our ways through the cities.

For our final trip of the year (and Axel's first airplane ride), the two of us surprised Jojo before she left to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Alps!

While Jesse's been in a wheel chair, he's been doing pilot school and will soon a licensed pilot (#bucketlist). This is equally exciting and stressful for Emilie. He'll be solo-flying by the end of this year!

Favorites for the year

  • Restuarant: Quantos Tacos
  • Favorite trip: Florida's beach
  • Family activity: Taco hopping
  • Place: Home ❤️

We are so grateful 🙏

2022 has been a ride. We're grateful for all that we've been able to do this year, for the time we've spent with family and friends, and for the work we have!

Thanks for being part of our lives, and we wish you a healthy and safe 2023! Let's go make 2023 a good one 🎉