Annnnnnd I'm back!

👋🏼 Hi! Boy, it's been a minute, but I'm back and here to stay.

One of the perks of being a engineer is that all your friends have websites. Sometimes immaculate websites. While checking out one of them, I came across an article titled "Publish your site already." So here I am. This isn't perfect, and I'm sure it'll change. As often as some IG bloggers change their wall colors, I'll be changing my blog colors.

Why even have a blog?

My end goal is to empower people to make more informed decisions in their business and tech pursuits.

Most of my posts will be aimed to SMBs or those who are in tech; however, I'm sure I'll blog around other topics. I am infact an opinionated person. On my list to tackle first are:

  • Component-based pages
  • Quick Start on Shopify
  • Quick Start on Squarespace
  • SMB's guide to data analytics
  • How to negotiate salary

What articles would you like to see?

You ready? I know I'm not, but following the advice of Mitch.

Let's work together!

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