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Shopify Customization

I met Kris and Kelley at Magnolia Market in Waco, TX. They were looking for a way for customers to be able to visualize their products before Kris custom built them. We decided to set a time and discussed how to show their customers what to expect -- before purchasing.

So after setting requirements, we extended a Shopify plugin to allow customers to see a product before purchasing. This has been a game changer for them and their clients as they headed into the Christmas season and will hopefully only continue to increase their sales.

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This spring we've focused on growing their business through advertising. I set them up on Facebook Business Manager, installed the FB pixel, cleaned up their data analytics, and started AB Testing different ads to see what has the highest conversion rate, and how we can improve their sales funnel.

All Things Techs

Since Magnolia we've done a number of things to Hemlock and Heather's website. I've helped them on branding, custom page template, and email marketing.

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