Lucid Software

I started out at Lucid when it was a young company (like I was employee 100 and something). The marketing team I was embedded on was incharge of Lucid's corporate site, Lucidchart, Lucidpress, and Lucid for Education. I exited right as Lucid grew to 800 employees.

AB Testing

One of my first areas of ownership was AB Testing. I partnered with a data analyst who specialized in AB Testing for web. Between the two of us, we ran over 300 tests, and increased ARR by over $1 million on the Marketing Pages.

Not only that, but we established the AB testing program that Lucid still uses. Initially mobile, i18n consistency and other major parts were after-thoughts as we made the AB tests; today they're integrated in the process so that customers across the world get the same experience regardless of language, browser or device.


For three years, I've been embedded on the team that manages Lucidchart. When I first started, the site was in HTML Block fields, untemplitized. With a site as big as Lucid's, it was important to migrate the content into templated pages (we picked Drupal 8!). This made it possible to update code across a subset of pages without the drooling copy + paste.

After getting the content into fields in the CMS, we made the transition to Gatsby. Some of the critical selling points of Gatsby are: site speed (read: better SEO and UX) and scalability.

Not only did the sites' page rankings increase and the load time decrease, we saw an increase on conversion and other key metrics!

Hiring for positions at Lucid became exponentially easier too. Try pitching Drupal development vs. Gatsby, the React Static Site Generator. Hiring times went from a 6 month pipe, to less than 2 months!

Lucid for Education

Primary responsibilities: user flows, user tracking, development, being a brand enforcer, on-going maintenance.

From the get-go I've owned this entire site for Lucid. Lucid for Education started in 2018. Since then they've built out product templates and sales collateral. All of it needed a space to live in, and thus was the birth of Lucid For Education.

Lucid for Education Search

The site highlight is their custom search. It's the bread and butter of the website because it connects the teachers (client) to the product. I pull the data from a handful of APIs to keep everything up to date and consistent.

In addition to building out the site, I implemented Lucid's design system on the site to keep this sister product inline with Lucid's branding.

Design Systems

With everything now being in Gatsby/React, the next step was implementing a design system to get all the code, not only componentized, but scalable. has over 3000 pages, with only 4 developers supporting that site, it's a lot. Not to mention the blog, Lucid for Education, or the other sites in the works.

For the design system, I picked Docz. It integrates nicely with Gatsby and React. And it has a sandbox for our designers to work with.

I implemented the design system in Lucid for Education's website before leaving Lucid. I'm excited to see how this continues to grow!

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