Project Happiness

Design & Development

Editable Content in Contentful

Historically, Project Happiness has been a React App with content inside the code. This is great for a developer, but given that the team is non-technical, it quickly became a neccessity to migrate the content into a CMS.

Redesign Homepage

The Team wanted to update the design of the homepage. So we did!

We worked through the normal design process to design something that they loved and fit their needs. With the content in Contentful, they now have the ability to customize all of the pieces of the page. The hero video doubles as a carousel. The cards can be links, different colors, even a video! It's important for them to manage their content, but stay on brand. This solution does just that.

Gatsby Migration

At the same time as the homepage redesign, I moved Project Happiness to use Gatsby. As a static site generator, Gatsby's benefits really are endless.

Some of the highlights of moving their site, according to Google's Audit tools, are:

  • Performance increase of 30 points
  • SEO score increase of 10 points
  • Accessibility increase of 5 points

Email Marketing

Project Happiness sends out 1.5 million emails a month. Over the years we've tried to figure out what the best email provider is for all those email sequences.

I helped Project Happiness get set up on Pardot + Sales Force in 2019. In 2020, due to cost constraints, we opted to move to the very cost-effective Kajabi for their emails. In order to connect their GatsbyJS site with Kajabi, I set up a Zap in Zapier. Now Project Happiness can leverage Kajabi while not compromising on their website.

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